Our Mission

Period equity.
Half the population gets their period at some point in their life. Yet, millions of people can’t afford period products, putting them at risk for infection, isolation, and missed days of school or work. We want to change that. Every time you shop Pure Rosy, we donate a portion of our proceeds to global non-profits who are working to get period products and basic necessities in the hands of people in need around the world. Because everyone deserves period support.

Sustainable solutions.
The average person produces around 330 pounds of waste in their lifetime from single-use period products. Since most pads and tampons are made from plastic, they will still be sitting in the landfill long after our lifetimes. By eliminating the need for single-use products, and offering wash recommendations that help lower carbon emissions, Pure Rosy is on a mission to create a more sustainable solution and reduce our global footprint with your help.

A brighter future.
Small daily choices lead to a lifetime of impact. Something as simple as switching to period underwear can do more than make your own life easier. It can prevent harmful waste from entering the environment. It can help people with periods around the world live without shame. And it can help to make lasting change.

We created Pure Rosy to offer a better solution for those who seek it. Together, we can create a brighter future for the planet and the people on it.