Learn About Our Leak Proof Underwear


Underwear with benefits.

Say hello to your new favorite pair. Pure Rosy is beautiful underwear you’ll want to wear every day of the month. It's absorbent protection for when you’re on your period, and comfy enough for when you’re not. Our unique and invisible leak proof protection is made to be equal parts stylish and supportive. Fashion, meet function in every period underwear we design. Period protection made beautiful!


Every body is different.

Periods are unique. So we made underwear that works for anybody and every body. The 4-layer super absorbent technology in every pair of Pure Rosy soaks up moisture so you can stay comfortable and confident, no matter what day you’re on. Our underwear is thinner, more absorbent, and comfortable enough for day or night. We’ve tested each style on different flows and diverse body types to make sure you’ll love them as much as we do.

Support where you need it.

Whether you just got your first period, or you’ve been living together for a while now, Pure Rosy is made for you. Our underwear uses exclusive patented technology that’s hyper-absorbent and comfortable enough for all-day wear. And for those light to moderate flow days, there’s no need to wear tampons or pads. We’ve got you covered.