Pure Rosy has partnered with D.A.R.E Women's Foundation to create
The Maggie Fund.

Pure Rosy together with The Maggie Fund have helped to supply young girls in Tanzania with underwear so that they can continue to go to school during their period.

Long before we launched, when Pure Rosy was still just a concept, we had a mission to help empower women and other menstruators globally. Specifically, we were interested in helping young, impoverished girls stay in school, by providing them with menstrual products that they would feel protected and confident in.

In order to do this, we partnered with The D.A.R.E. Women's Foundation— a non-profit organization that supports Tanzanian women, who are often denied opportunities for education and extracurricular activities once they start menstruating, and consequently face immense challenges when trying to achieve financial independence later in their lives.

Period underwear donated by PureRosy gives women more options to earn wages and support their families.
The Maggie Fund is especially focused on children and women's health and well-being.

Through our partnership with D.A.R.E. we’ve created
The Maggie Fund— named after a brave community leader who shared with us her own story about the shame and suffering she experienced in school when she was a young girl who began to menstruate.
Through The Maggie Fund, Pure Rosy donates a percentage of our profits to help provide and distribute essentials like food and water to communities in need as well as Pure Rosy products to young Tanzanian girls so that they can continue their education.