3 PACK WITH 1 ZIP | Seamless Leakproof Period Underwear Bundle Kit

Our seamless leakproof period underwear with ultra-thin absorbent protection are moisture wicking, chemical and toxin-free and will keep you confident, oder-free and dry all day on or off your period. Easy to use machine wash and reuse perfect for those light to moderate days are just the affordable period underwear bundles that you will want to wear. This bundle includes the Classic Hipster with a Zip Stash period travel wash bag so you can enjoy for work, gym or travel.
1 blood droplet

For those unexpected days or days of spotting equal to 1 light tampon.

2 blood droplet

For those light flow days equal to 2 light tampons.

3 blood droplet

For moderate flow days equal to 3 regular tampons.

max blood droplet

For heavy flow days where you will use 4 regular tampons.

Over 5 years, each Pure Rosy period underwear can help save:

1320 single-use products from going to our landfills

01 $500 in single-use period products 02 1320 single-use products from going to our landfills