Leakproof zip pouch

The Zip

Grab, stash, and go. The Zip is perfect for carrying an extra pair for travel, or stowing away a worn pair till you can rinse them out. It’s even leakproof (just like our underwear!)

Color: Shade
Quantity: 1

How do they work?

Perfect for stashing a fresh pair of undies or tucking away a used pair. Ideal for those days you want to carry along a fresh pair to change into. It's the perfect stash!

Composition + Care

Machine wash cold on a gentle cycle. Avoid bleach or fabric softener. Hang or lay flat to dry.  Washing by hand (or on cold) and hang drying is a great way to reduce your electricity use and its better for the planet. Composition: Made of 92% Polyester, 8% Spandex, Moisture Barrier Layer: 100% Polyester, TPU (leakproof resistant layer). Pure Rosy is committed to creating the best possible product that’s safe from harmful chemicals and toxins and that’s why we test all fabrics. Good for the planet and good for your body.

Over 5 years, each Pure Rosy period underwear can help save:

1320 single-use products from going to our landfills

01 $500 in single-use period products 02 1320 single-use products from going to our landfills